Attitudinal Adjustment

I am not a sports psychologist but I would guess that there is a word in sports psychology vocabulary to describe a player who believes they don’t have to work hard because they think they are already good enough (if anyone knows please share as I am always excited about learning new things).  When pro-players exhibit this behavior it ticks me off but when youth players act in this manner it really fires me up.

Perhaps it is because I am not over-the-top talented at anything.  However, I really cannot fathom this concept and certainly not in a youth player.  How at the age of 10 could you possibly think you have nothing more to learn.  Granted, maybe there is a large and very visible degree of separation between your skills and that of your teammates right now (emphasis on right now).  I have to believe that in your very recent memory you would recall the time when this wasn’t so, be happy that you have improved and want to maintain that edge.  How could you not see the opportunity in front of you?

You are the best player on the team without a doubt.  First things first, share that talent.  Help others get better.  Make others better.  Raise up your team and be inclusive, be a leader that others aspire to.  You are a young lady on the ground floor of your character development, build a good foundation.

I know what you might be thinking, ease up coach, the kid’s only 10.  She may be 10 in chronological age but she is 30 in hype.  She knows she’s good.  She’s heard it from her coaches, teammates, opposing coaches and opposing players.  She’s heard it from her team’s fans and opposing fans.  I mean damn, she’s good.  Absolutely amazing for a 10-year old.

I see you Missy, I see you — but hear the words of the great John Wooden, “Don’t measure yourself by what you have accomplished, but by what you should have accomplished with your ability.”


About rheadmore

I spend my working day at a great higher education institution by the name of Michigan State University. I try to spend a majority of my free time coaching youth sports, baseball and basketball are my favorites. This blog is dedicated to enhancing youth coaching and helping youth become successful and well contributing members of society. This philosophy was passed on to me by my father who always stressed leaving something better then the way you found it. I have been trying to live by those words for most of my adult life. Thanks for checking out my blog.
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