Talent isn’t the Only Valued Trait

A coach who I respect very much recently stated that attitude, body language, intensity and toughness are four traits just as important as talent. I believe this to be true, especially in youth and high school sport. I would love to get your insight, opinion and experience in this area — please leave a comment or respond to my (or anyone’s) comment!


About rheadmore

I spend my working day at a great higher education institution by the name of Michigan State University. I try to spend a majority of my free time coaching youth sports, baseball and basketball are my favorites. This blog is dedicated to enhancing youth coaching and helping youth become successful and well contributing members of society. This philosophy was passed on to me by my father who always stressed leaving something better then the way you found it. I have been trying to live by those words for most of my adult life. Thanks for checking out my blog.
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2 Responses to Talent isn’t the Only Valued Trait

  1. rheadmore says:

    I cannot tell you how much I value the right attitude in a player. A player with a bad attitude can really affect the team like a cancer. In youth/rec sport it is hard to deal with this due to the inclusion related nature of these sports.

    I equate body language to confidence — players who carry themselves with confidence and I the I know I can attitude immediately have a leg-up.

    Intensity has carried so many players with less talent so far. I would take an intense and tough player over a highly skilled player with a bad attitude every time.

    What do you think?

    • Intensity, passion, persistence, and determination see us through the challenges that life presents every day in our personal and professional lives. These qualities also provide us with the resilience necessary to continue moving towards our life goals and dreams. Congratulations, Gerry, on this new entrepreneurial service! Louise Ellen Cooley

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