Coach’s Corner – The Moyle Method

Coach Nathan Moyle

Enjoy the third and final installment from Coach Moyle.  This is such excellent advice and simple to apply too!!

Shooting: Never miss off line and Swish (The Moyle Method)

In the history of the game, a shot attempted that missed has only missed 4 possible ways. Long, Short, Left, and Right. As a player, you have the ability to keep the ball on target by releasing your follow-through at the front of the rim thus keeping the ball on line. If you can eliminate off line, left and right misses, than you have eliminated 50% of your missed shots.

Practice jump shots from 5-15 feet straight-on with the basket. try and make the ball drop over the front of the rim and build your release so that it is always going straight at the front of the rim. Refuse to miss off line. Eventually, you will develop “touch” in your shot if you are trying to make it drop over the front of the rim and keep the ball on line. Think about this… a ball on line that is excessively long may bank in off the backboard – if that same shot is a little off line it has no chance of falling in the hoop.

Don’t get caught up in trying to have perfect form with your shooting. There is no perfect shooting style. Some of the greatest shooters this game has ever seen such as, Larry Bird, Rick Barry, and Reggie Miller had unorthodox looks to their shots. But I can promise you this, for the most part, they kept the ball on line.

Here is something to always strive for while practicing your shooting. Always try and SWISH your shots. When you are practicing alone, only count the ones good that swish. A ball that swishes cannot miss. Many times you’ll be watching a basketball game and see a shot attempt that misses but was actually on its way down but suddenly pooped out – you may even here the announcer say…”oh he was robbed”. If a shot gets “robbed”, it grazed a part of the rim. Take the rim out of play. If the ball swishes it has a 0% chance of missing. Always practice swishing. Feel what it feels like to swish. Take pride in your shooting. If the ball comes off your hand…it is Down!


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I spend my working day at a great higher education institution by the name of Michigan State University. I try to spend a majority of my free time coaching youth sports, baseball and basketball are my favorites. This blog is dedicated to enhancing youth coaching and helping youth become successful and well contributing members of society. This philosophy was passed on to me by my father who always stressed leaving something better then the way you found it. I have been trying to live by those words for most of my adult life. Thanks for checking out my blog.
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