Coach’s Corner – Nathan Moyle – Installment Two

Coach Nathan Moyle

Coach Moyle offers his second installment addressing how to have a succesful tryout and become a better ball player.

Handle the ball. No player was ever too good a ball-handler/dribbler. This includes the greats of the game from Pistol Pete Maravich to Isiah Thomas to Steve Nash. Ball-handling/Dribbling is the essential skill/fundamental in the sport of basketball. If you can handle the ball…You can always play! Players that can handle the ball have the ability to make players around them better. They can dictate the tempo of the game, and protect possessions from turnovers (usually the team that turns it over the fewest, wins).

Set-up 4 cones/chairs/obstacles about 15-20 feet apart from each other in a straight line. Dribble up to each obstacle and make a move, changing directions at each one, then moving forward to the other. Go as fast as you can and sometimes vary speeds from move-to-move and obstacle to obstacle.

The moves to utilize are 1.)Crossover Dribble  2.)Between-the-Legs Dribble  3.)Behind-the-Back Dribble  4.)Spin Dribble  5.)Hesitation Dribble 6.)Combo (any 2 moves at each obstacle)

Always try and dribble with your eyes looking up spanning the court. Anytime a player can just dribble a ball and handle it, it is a good thing. Ball-handling is quickly becoming a lost art at all levels of the game. Players who are good ball-handlers “stick out”. They are able to have an immediate impact on the game. Players who can handle the ball have the ability to break down defenses.

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