Coach’s Corner – Nathan Moyle

Coach Nathan Moyle

I should have known when I asked Coach Moyle to contribute to this topic on this blog that he would exceed my expectations!!

He did such an awesome job that I am going to share his wisdom in three seperate posts.  Below is today’s installment on how you can immediately improve yourself as a player and have a great showing at tryouts!

Coach Moyle is the current varsity boy’s basketball coach for Howell High School and has four years varsity boy’s coaching experience.  He has also coached AAU and middle school basketball.  He has run basketball camps.  He has played in high school, AAU, YBOA, Junior Pro, Junior Nationals, and College (NCAA).  He is the 1997 Junior National 3-point National Champion and two time ELKS National Shooting Finalist.

Here are some tips to immediately improve and build your game today!

Tip #1

Always Play Your Hardest and give your absolute best effort with enthusiasm and spirit. As basic and cliché as this may seem, all coaches are looking for players who don’t take plays off. This is true at every level – from elementary school to the NBA. I will take a player and invest in him if he is willing to make the commitment and play hard. Players will have “off-nights” offensively and not always play their best, but they can always play hard. Players that play hard become dependable, and a coaches “dream” to coach. Personally, I will always take a player who gives maximum effort over one who may have better skills but takes plays off. Believe me, I know many coaches at the high school, college, and professional levels who are looking for the players that play hard with enthusiasm and spirit. This is the most important thing that I look for in a player. Players who spend all that they have garner the respect of their coaches, teammates, and fans. As a player, become self-motivated. Challenge yourself to never get out-hustled or give less effort than an opponent.

If you as a player think that you are playing hard…Play Harder. If you find yourself standing…Move, Jump, Cut, Transition, don’t let your man catch the ball, go after every loose ball/rebound.

Work on your conditioning (run sprints, run distances, jump rope, jumping program, lift weights) and then put it to use. No basketball player was ever in too good of shape.

I promise, the most fundamental/important element in being a good/effective basketball player is the ability to actually make yourself play hard.   All the great teams of all time have players who were self-motivated and played hard.

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I spend my working day at a great higher education institution by the name of Michigan State University. I try to spend a majority of my free time coaching youth sports, baseball and basketball are my favorites. This blog is dedicated to enhancing youth coaching and helping youth become successful and well contributing members of society. This philosophy was passed on to me by my father who always stressed leaving something better then the way you found it. I have been trying to live by those words for most of my adult life. Thanks for checking out my blog.
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One Response to Coach’s Corner – Nathan Moyle

  1. rheadmore says:

    Coach Moyle — this is such sage advice. Everyone regardless of skill level can play hard and hustle. Thanks for a great post!!

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